Eugene marijuana lab owner responds to accusations of being a neo-Nazi – The Register-Guard

The founder and chief executive of a Eugene marijuana testing lab said she is resigning and plans to sell her stake in OG Analytical after the left-wing group Eugene Antifa accused her of being a neo-Nazi.

Bethany Sherman, 35, said in a statement sent to The Register-Guard and other media outlets Wednesday that she’s not a neo-Nazi, but that she is “proud” of being white and is “not ashamed” of her white heritage.

She didn’t give a price for the business at 2412 W. 11th Ave.

“I’m taking offers for either the entity as a whole or just the assets,” Sherman texted Wednesday. She is the majority owner of the company, which she founded in 2013.

Eugene Antifa alleged that Sherman — who had become a familiar face in Oregon’s fledgling recreational marijuana industry — supported regional Nazi groups by making stickers, providing food and attending social gatherings.

Eugene Antifa, Rose City Antifa and the Pacific Northwest Anti-Facist Workers Collective say they gleaned the details of Sherman’s pro-Nazi activities by accessing logs for a server hosting Discord, a chat app for smartphones and computers. The groups say they are exposing people who have been anonymously supporting Nazi movements in the Pacific Northwest.

The Antifa alleged that Matthew Combs, Sherman’s life partner, is a local Nazi organizer. The online posting included photos and other identifying information about the couple. Combs owns a 10th of the business, according to public records.

Sherman texted The Register-Guard her reply to the Antifa:

“The mob is hungry for drama and Antifa gave it to them. There’s nothing more I can say to try to convince people that I’m a good person. … Its (sic) really tough to be called something you’re not and when you try to defend yourself against attacks, it’s just a makes

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