Europe and Delta-8: How Will the Country Respond to the Craze?

Just like the U.S., Europe will also have to figure out how to deal with the growing trend of Delta-8 cannabis products, and it’s clear that the controversy is only just beginning. 

There is a new cannabinoid in town on the U.S. side of the cannabis conversation these days. If you haven’t heard about Delta-8 at this point, you are probably living under a rock. The cannabinoid is being marketed as the “lighter” if not “less paranoid” version of Delta-9 THC. Even better, at least initially to intrepid entrepreneurs determined to beat the odds if not jump the shark into multi-state distribution, Delta-8 can be chemically extracted from hemp. 

There is only one problem with all of this, of course, and that is where this argument bumps into science. Delta-8 can be created by merely oxidizing (exposing to air) good old Delta-9 THC, and from any kind of plant. The delta between the deltas, in other words, is very small. Just because Delta-8 (like Delta-9) can also be extracted from hemp, the cannabinoid has been reported to give consumers similar psychoactive effects of Delta-9, while existing in a legal grey area.

In the middle of the hoopla, American states have begun to take

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