Even Thailand Has Decriminalised Cannabis – It’s High Time Britain Caught Up

Police commissioners calling for marijuana to be made a class A drug are out of step with a world that is ending the war on weed.

A group of police commissioners at the Conservative party conference will argue that the UK government should reclassify cannabis from a class B to a class A drug, which would place it on the same legal level as heroin or cocaine, and greatly increase the penalties for anyone caught using or selling marijuana. It’s an outrageous suggestion, and totally out of step with the rest of the world, where the war on weed seems to be coming to an end.

In the US, state-by-state, pot prohibition is falling; several of our neighbours in Europe have made plans to legalise it; South Africa’s supreme court ruled the dagga ban unconstitutional; and Canada and Uruguay were the first in decades to recognise cannabis as a legitimate commodity. Even the famously strict government of Thailand decided to lighten up and lift its ban on cannabis in June, releasing thousands of non-violent drug offenders and handing out a million seedlings to boost the nation’s nascent marijuana industry.

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