Ex-Police Chief Used Misleading Stats to Lobby Against San Diego Dispensaries

Former Chief of Police Shelley Zimmerman presented misleading data to the San Diego City Council last year in an effort to sway them against approving cannabis businesses, an investigation has revealed.  Zimmerman retired from the San Diego Police Department in March of this year.

At a meeting in September 2017, the council was considering proposals to permit a legal supply chain of cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and test labs in the city. Zimmerman appeared before the council members and warned them not to allow more pot businesses.

“The negative consequences and secondary effects of the legal marijuana industry being allowed to operate on a larger scale in our city of San Diego are enormous,” Zimmerman said. “I urge you not to allow any further marijuana facilities within our city.”

To back up her claims, Zimmerman cited 272 radio calls for police service at medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. She said the calls were for “burglaries, robberies, thefts, assaults, and shootings, just to name a few.”

She also told council members that marijuana businesses made neighborhoods unsafe so they should not allow more.

“Some of you have said that public safety is also your No. 1 priority,” said Zimmerman. “I hope you

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