Famous Boston ice cream shop unveils cannabis-infused ice cream – Wicked Local

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With marijuana legal in Massachusetts, you may have tried an array of cannabis products over the past few years. But now there’s something frosty on the horizon in this current heatwave — cannabis-infused ice cream. 

Boston-based ice cream company Emack & Bolio’s, along with marijuana company MariMed in Norwood, is producing the new adult treat.

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And it’s available at some locations now.

“We pushed ourselves to make our infused cannabis ice cream as delicious as the best-tasting, non-infused products found in local specialty ice cream stores,” stated MariMed Chief Operating Officer Tim Shaw. “With thanks to the Emack & Bolio’s ice cream magicians and our own rock star team, this new ice cream exceeds that high quality benchmark. It’s out-of-this-world delicious.”

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Shaw said people can buy some of the new ice cream at Panacea Wellness dispensary in Middleborough. 

The ice cream contains MariMed’s superior formulations of full spectrum cannabis oil, with natural cannabinoids and terpenes, Shaw explained. He added two delicious vegan flavors — Cup O’ Coffee Chip and Chocolate Sunny Days — debuted at MariMed’s Panacea Wellness just this week, noting additional flavors and wider availability are expected in the coming months.

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