Fatal car accidents increase on 4/20, a counterculture holiday celebrating marijuana – MarketWatch

This stoner holiday may be a good time to stay off the roads.

April 20 has been deemed a counterculture celebration of marijuana, during which marijuana enthusiasts synchronize mass consumption of the drug at 4:20 p.m., but it may have the unintended effect of leading to more deadly traffic accidents, a new study found.

There have been 1.3 million drivers involved in 882,483 crashes causing 978,328 fatalities in the 25 years since the concept of “4/20” (whose origins are debated) was first publicized in a magazine in 1992. The risk of a fatal crash was “significantly higher” on April 20 after 4:20 pm compared to identical time periods on other days, according to the study, which was conducted by two Canadian doctors.

The observed 12% increase in crashes was comparable to the increase that occurs each year on Superbowl Sunday, which is known for causing drunk driving fatalities.

“Policy makers may wish to consider these risks when liberalizing marijuana laws, paying particular attention to regulatory and enforcement strategies to curtail drugged driving,” the researchers wrote.

Marijuana sales spike each year leading up to 4/20 and on the day itself, according to cannabis market research firm Headset, which called it “the most anticipated day in the cannabis industry.” Total sales in Colorado and Washington, where the drug is legal, totaled more than $15 million on April 20, 2017 compared to around $6 million on other Thursdays around the same time.

Despite the data showing driving under the influence of marijuana causes more traffic fatalities, legalization of the drug will actually make people on the road safer, said Tom Angell, founder of pro-legalization group the Marijuana Majority.

“When we end marijuana prohibition, it frees up police officers’ time and resources so that they are not distracted chasing down people for possessing marijuana,

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