Federal Cannabis Legislation Roundup: Part 3

A few weeks ago, we published comprehensive overviews (Part 1 and Part 2) of all the federal bills floating around Congress intended to decriminalize cannabis. Since then, there have been a few important developments of federal cannabis bills in Congress. This post summarizes those developments.

Pro-Reform Candidate Wins Republican Primary in South Carolina

Okay, this first one isn’t about federal cannabis bills. But it’s still important. Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC), sponsor of the States Reform Act (SRA) introduced in Congress last year, won the South Carolina First District primary race against Trump-endorsed Katie Arrington. On June 14, the Associated Press called the race for Mace with Mace getting 53 percent of the votes and Arrington getting 45%. Mace said that winning the primary despite being attacked for supporting cannabis legalization “shows that the only place that this is controversial is in Washington, D.C.” Mace also said that any candidate who attacks a competitor over their reform position will “lose big.” Mace’s primary win is good news for the SRA. While the bill faces an uncertain future due to the other various cannabis reform bills in Congress, Mace stated that she feels her bill is the only bill that could attract

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