First dispensary operated by someone with previous marijuana conviction to open Tuesday in Manhattan – CBS New York

NEW YORK — The second legal marijuana dispensary is opening up in the city on Tuesday.

But this will be the first to go to someone who had a previous marijuana conviction.

The store is opening on Bleecker Street, but in this case, so is a lifetime of opportunity.

“It’s overwhelming,” Roland Conner said.

It’s overwhelming because Conner has this chance because he served time for a marijuana offense.

“Anytime someone gets locked up, even though they served the time, those stigmas stay with them,” Conner said.

However, New York state passed a law that lawmakers say will right a social-justice wrong, and take the victims of the system and give them the first batch of licenses to sell marijuana legally.

“I think everybody deserves a chance. You do your time, you come home, you should be able to get a job, and they should not hold that against you,” Conner said. “That’s one of the biggest things they have to fix.”

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