First magic mushroom dispensary now open in Toronto | News – Daily Hive

As Canada slowly enters the era of retail magic mushrooms, Toronto is already ahead of the game.

Shroomyz is Toronto’s first magic mushroom dispensary and the second in the province, the company boasts on their website. A Shroomyz in Ottawa opened in May of this year.

Located at 488 Queen Street West, Shroomyz is akin to any cannabis store you’d find in the city. Windows are taped off for privacy and customers need to buzz in to enter and start shopping.

The store supplies everything from dried psilocybin and microdose capsules to mushroom chocolates and mushroom tea.

Shroomyz magic mushrooms in Toronto

Why the sudden interest in magic mushrooms?

Shrooms can have a lot of therapeutic benefits — when done in the correct form, of course. Microdosing has also gotten increasingly popular in the last couple of years, as it allows people to feel subtle effects with minimal intoxication. Research also shows that microdosing shrooms can help relieve depression.

Having only been open for a short time, Shroomyz on Queen Street has already garnered a great reputation within the community. The store has a 4.9-star rating on Google with hundreds of good

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