First recreational marijuana dispensary licenses in New York will go to those impacted by criminal convictions – Buffalo News

Natalie Brophy

New York is gearing up to start the application process for the first recreational cannabis dispensary licenses, which will be awarded to residents who have been impacted by a marijuana-related criminal conviction.

The state Cannabis Control Board is expected to approve the proposed application and regulations during its meeting on Thursday

According to the proposed regulations, applicants must meet two eligibility requirements to qualify for the license:

They or a parents, guardian, child, spouse or dependent must have a cannabis-related conviction from before March 31, 2021.Have experience owning and operating a successful business in New York state. 

With these regulations, the state is charting “a new course for how cannabis markets can be established with equity and inclusivity at the forefront,” Office of Cannabis Management Executive Director Chris Alexander said.

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Applicants must submit proof of a cannabis-related offense and business documentation. 

As retailers and new entrepreneurs make the move toward the sale of recreational marijuana and products with higher THC levels, they are in limbo – awaiting regulations from the state and preparing for the application

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