Five hopeful businesses chosen in medical marijuana dispensary license lottery – Sioux Falls Argus Leader

Peter Dikun was the first person in Sioux Falls to turn in a medical marijuana dispensary license, but as more and more applications poured in, he had told his wife that he didn’t see a one in 79 shot working out in favor of his business, The Flower Shop LLC.

On Wednesday morning, he said, she’d told him she had a good feeling about it. But he was still surprised when the ball marked 01 was the first one selected in the city’s license lottery that morning.

With a few more turns of a bingo cage, the city of Sioux Falls selected the rest of businesses slated to receive one of the city’s five medical marijuana dispensary licenses.

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City Hall’s commission room was packed before the 10 a.m. lottery began, with representatives from the 21 different businesses that turned in a combined 79 applications.

After a thorough explanation of the procedure from City Attorney Stacy Kooistra and the unboxing of the applications by City Clerk Tom Greco, the lottery began.

Which businesses are first in line to run Sioux Falls’ dispensaries? 

Licensing Specialist Jamie Palmer deposited 79 balls into a bingo cage in front of the crowd, which she rotated

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