Florida Attorney Who Helped Legalize Medical Marijuana Looking to Put Full Legalization to a Vote in 2020

John Morgan, who was the driving force behind Florida’s successful medical marijuana legalization campaign, is looking to put the full legalization of marijuana to a vote of the people by 2020.

Attorney John Morgan is the founder of United for Care, a nonprofit organization that successful placed an initiative to legalize marijuana on the 2016 ballot, which was subsequently approved by voters.  Responding to state lawmakers working to restrict the voter-approved law, Morgan says he’s working to legalize marijuana for all adults.

“Maybe it’s time for full legalization”, Morgan said in a recent Tweet. “It would pass with Flying Colors!” Morgan goes on to say that “I’m going to look at starting a fund where we all can donate to get full marijuana legalization on the ballot in 2020”.

Morgan says that “When you mess with the will of the people there are unintended consequences! The cannabis industry is well funded now. Money won’t be a problem.”

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