Florida Awaits Justice: The Right To Smoke Medicinal Marijuana

Florida has happily joined the family of states that recognize medical marijuana use as legal. It is a huge step forward, but medical patients are finding it hard to celebrate when they are still faced with harsh restrictions and blowback from their state. Essentially, Florida voted in the right for patients who have been prescribed cannabis to consume it. In July 2017, the state legislators decided that they would interpret that message to ban smoking the raw cannabis product because smoke is harmful to the public. So, whole herb is completely banned because smoking it is illegal for the sake of the public’s health.

What’s Being Done?

The spearhead on this issue is Florida lawyer John Morgan, a big name and advocate for legalizing marijuana (using hashtag #NoSmokeIsAJoke) and protecting medicinal patients. Morgan immediately sued the state for their initial ban and the state challenged to dismiss his case in January 2018. The battle still ensues as the state’s dismissal was denied by Judge Gievers and the case has yet to see justice for all medical marijuana users.

How Does That Happen?

Bureaucracy. Abuse of power. Special interests (like with big pharma companies). This behavior from hubris politicians is

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