Florida now permits the sale of cannabis-infused edibles

When Florida’s medical marijuana program went into effect in 2018, edibles were not on the menu. Nor were smokable forms of cannabis such as dried flower or cannabis concentrates (eg. hash, wax, etc.), although smokables were later added to the menu of legal products.

However, the Florida Department of Health recently instituted new rules for edible marijuana products. The bottom line, as far as patients are concerned, is that edibles can now legally be sold in all Florida medical marijuana dispensaries.

As the name would imply, edibles are, well, edible products that contain some of the active compounds produced in cannabis.

So what’s so special about edibles? Why are some patients so happy that edibles are now available at Florida dispensaries? What’s in them? And what are they good for? Why would a patient choose edibles over other forms of medical cannabis?

Let’s face it. There are thousands of Florida medical marijuana “patients” who are carrying what you might refer to as a CYA card. They’re not really sick. They just want the legal protections and access to…

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