Florida School Principal Won’t Allow Bathroom Breaks Because Of Vaping

This week, Dr. Colleen Iannitti, the principal at Jupiter High School in Palm Beach County, Florida, broke the news to students that there will be no more bathroom breaks due to vaping. Under the new policy, they will have to use the restroom in the six minutes allotted in between periods. There will be no bathroom breaks during class, save for emergencies, in which case the student will be escorted by an assistant principal.

Widespread e-cigarette use, Iannitti insisted, left the school no choice.

“Since last year, we’ve had a huge problem, and the problem is with vaping in the bathrooms,” Iannitti told students during the school’s daily video announcements for Thursday. “Many of you are just going to the bathrooms so you can meet up with your friends and smoke and vape and do all those kinds of things that you shouldn’t be doing in the bathroom.”

Iannitti claimed that students have been rushed to the emergency room “on a weekly basis” due to “something that they smoked in one of our bathrooms.”

“Every single day, since school started, we have found a student, or multiple students, in our bathrooms who have been vaping,” she said.

“It is a

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