Florida School Security Guard Arrested for Selling Weed and Cocaine While on Duty

After a month of undercover operations, Miami-Dade County police detectives say they have picked up a school security guard moonlighting as a cocaine and marijuana dealer while on breaks from keeping kids safe. Jamie Green, who worked at Felix Varela Senior High School in West Kendall, was booked Tuesday on several charges of dealing drugs. According to a warrant, a suspected customer of Green told officers that he had been buying from the security guard on his campus breaks for several years.

The 43 year old school district employee has not been accused of selling drugs to the students of Felix Varela High, though the Miami Herald reported that police are “still exploring the possibility.” Investigators claim that his practice was to leave the school to conduct business. Green’s alleged modus operandi was to make sales while still wearing his security guard uniform at a gas station close to the school. Felix Varela High is located in an unincorporated community that lies along the west side of the Florida Turnpike.

This fall, the ACLU released an analysis of Miami-Dade County arrest and booking data suggesting that Black Floridians are four times more likely than whites to be arrested. The same

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