Flowhub Partners With Aeropay for Cashless Dispensary Purchases – Westword

Dan Muller says you can now leave the cash at home when you go weed shopping.

Finding an alternative to cash payments has been a constant challenge for the cannabis industry, which is shut out from the majority of financial services because of the plant’s federal prohibition. Some dispensaries will accept debit cards for a few months, only to lose their accounts overnight once the bank figures out what they’re doing.

Muller’s software, Aeropay, connects dispensaries, customers and bank accounts for cashless payment, enabling app-less, fee-less purchases through phones and QR codes. Now partnered with Flowhub, one of the cannabis industry’s largest sales software providers, Aeropay could soon be appearing in a lot more dispensaries. We caught up with Muller, CEO of Aeropay, to talk about how the program works.

Westword: How many Colorado dispensaries are currently using Aeropay?

Dan Muller: Aeropay contactless payments are now accepted at over a dozen Colorado dispensaries, including Lova, Seed and Smith, the Farm, Yuma Way, the Joint and many more.

How does it work for users? Do they download an app and then link their bank accounts to it?

Aeropay is even easier and quicker than downloading an app. Aeropay is web-based, allowing in-store customers to

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