Focusing the Lens on American Green Inc (ERBB) – Nelson Research

Fundamentals include quantitative and qualitative information that add to the economic health and, thus, the financial valuation of a given security, currency, or company.  Both investors and analysts review a company’s fundamentals in order to develop an opinion as to whether the asset should be considered a worthy investment.  From a business point-of-view, information such as liabilities, growth, revenue, assets, and earnings are considered to be their fundamentals.  Solid fundamentals indicate that a business has a feasible financial structure or framework, while in contrast, companies with shaky fundamentals might have problems in the areas of organizational management, cost control, or debt obligation management.  Businesses that have strong fundamentals are more likely to manage negative issues, like recessions or depressions, than ones with weak fundamentals.  Strong fundamentals indicate that a company is a less risky investment. 

American Green Inc (ERBB)’s previous close was $0.0013.  Previous close refers to the prior day’s value of a given security.  When comparing a security’s closing price from one day to the next, investors can see how the price has changed over time. 

American Green Inc (ERBB)’s shares opened at $0.0013, hitting a high of $0.0013 and bottoming out at $0.0011.  Change is the difference between the current price and the previous day’s settlement price.  Change is the basis for describing and measuring data over a specific period of time.  A negative change indicates declining performance while a positive change indicates an improved performance.  Interpretation change can be left to the analyst.  The formula for finding change is by subtracting the previous time period from the most recent time period.   If a company trades at $20 at the end of the first quarter and $40 at the end of the second quarter, the change $40 minus $20, or $20.  Here we find the change

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