Following Cyberattack At Ontario Cannabis Dispensary, Leafythings Proposes Changes In Supply Chain – Benzinga

Leafythings, a cannabis directory platform and mobile application recently proposed a supplementary independent cannabis supply chain in Ontario. Leafythings’ platform is a digital aggregation of independent and regulated brands and retailers across the cannabis retail market.

Leafythings builds all of its retailers and brands using Google GOOGL and open source solutions. In Canada, independent cannabis supply chains represent an approximately $3 billion market – equal to the size of the regulated supply chain.

Due to the size of the cannabis market and feedback received from Leafythings and other industry leaders, the company has a deep understanding of the Canadian cannabis consumer, as well as existing operational gaps that can potentially translate into widespread industry issues.

Local Canadian cannabis growers and farmers have made up the independent supply chain for 40+ years. They have worked to prove the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis through evidence-based research and development methods,” said Nima Derak of Leafythings. “These individuals have worked tirelessly with legislators to advocate for cannabis businesses and consumers, and to facilitate the legalization of consumption and possession of marijuana. They are members of the public, they are Canadians, and they have been neglected and removed from the current process.”

“Over-regulation and financial barriers coupled with monopolization of the

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