FREE Webinar: Cannabis in Latin America

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Many North American and European cannabis companies have set their sights on Latin American countries. The region features rich land, an abundance of natural resources, a ready workforce, and many millions of potential customers. The goal of these prospecting businesses is to make Latin America part of their supply chains or as end markets, gaining an advantage in a highly dynamic and competitive industry. 

However, due to uneven and uncertain legalization processes, several cannabis businesses have found it difficult to establish and monetize value chains throughout Latin America. As a result, companies have had a hard time envisaging ways and means to gain market share in a cost-effective manner.  

This webinar is designed to help viewers gain a high-level understanding of cannabis legalization in Latin America. Experts will cover both the hemp and marijuana contexts, including how to create and profit from business opportunities under the current legal framework of the largest and most developed cannabis economies. 

Join Adrián Cisneros (Harris Bricken, Mexico Office), Pilar López (Arias Law, Costa Rica), Agustina Tedesco (Pittaluga Abogados, Uruguay) and Rafael Arcuri (National Industrial Hemp Association, Brazil) for this first-ever webinar as they explain Latin America’s cannabis

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