Freedom Leaf’s Top 25 Cannabis Stories of 2018

It was a year filled with surprising cannabis developments in the Trump era. Canada went legal as did two more U.S. states recreationally and three more medically. Jeff Sessions bellowed about marijuana, but was kicked out of the Cabinet like so many others. Among the Midterms winners, many are cannabis supporters. Sen. Mitch McConnell led the Republican flank on marijuana, adding hemp legalization to the Farm Bill, while drug warriors like former House Leader John Boehner dove headfirst into the industry. Stocks climbed, especially in Canada, where deals were made with pharma, tobacco and alcohol giants. CBD was the buzz term of the year – everyone wanted to try the new cannabis cure-all. Several pioneers passed away, reminding us how important it is to remember those who laid the path to legalization.

Here are our top 25 stories of the year:

Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Pass in Michigan, Missouri and Utah; Fails in North Dakota

Big Tobacco Makes Major Move into Canadian Cannabis Market

Jeff and Pete Sessions Get Booted Out of Washington

Oklahoma Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Rescinds Ban on Smoking

Vermont: The First State to Legalize Through Legislation

Pro-Cannabis Candidates Head the Midterms

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