Freeway Rick’s Dispensary Goes High-Tech with AI and Crypto – Cannabis & Tech Today

Cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation, but it remains taboo to much of the world. Many understand the unjust laws surrounding cannabis and the stigma that rose from the war on drugs, so cannabis is slowly reclaiming its place as medicine. For others, without guidance and education from the government, adapting to cannabis as part of legal society can be difficult.

Those who trust the government and allow federal guidelines to inform their decisions aren’t being educated as it relates to cannabis. Though some legislators support legalization and understand the healing power of cannabis, it’s usually at the state level that people are learning more and seeing the de-stigmatization of cannabis. At the federal level, cannabis remains a Schedule I drug. 

Today, many cannabis businesses realize the government can’t be relied on for the task of education. They understand more now than ever that it’s not only the government, advocates, and patients that need to be educated about cannabis as a plant and as medicine. Businesses have learned they must also be a source of education and information for current and potential customers. 

Technology is the primary method retailers are using to educate customers. Cannabis & Tech Today sat down

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