Fresno’s First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary | – Sierra News Online

FRESNO — Located in North Fresno on the west corner of Palm and Nees in the Park Place Shopping Center, local consumers can now find a new business venture proudly unique for residents of the city of Fresno.

The first county-approved recreational cannabis dispensary.

Known as The Artist Tree, the dispensary focuses on a curated experience for every guest, assigning a proverbial “tour guide” to help consumers both new and old to understand the obvious and nuanced differences between various cannabis strains, as well as their intended consumption methods. Boasting a veritable cornucopia of fresh cannabis flower, oils, CBD products, and edibles of all shapes and sizes, there is sure to be something to suit every patron of The Artist Tree. 

Image of Avi Kahan Lauren Fontein Courtney Caron and Robert Clement

LtoR Avi Kahan Lauren Fontein Courtney Caron and GM Robert Clement

The Artist Tree originated as the brainchild of Lauren Fontein, Avi Kahan, Mitch Kahan, and Aviv Halimi.

The Artist Tree founders have their roots in operating medical dispensaries and their ideas were allowed to evolve as regulations did, culminating in the opening of their first

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