Ft. Pierre dispensary owners remain flexible, navigate new ground – The Capital Journal

The Fort Pierre City Council approved the third cannabis license in the city on June 6, and with a license comes the preparation process for many of these dispensaries. Dispensary owners said that it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but they’re excited to open their doors.

The cannabis dispensary business is a new one in South Dakota and it’s proved to have lots of new growth and benefits for the community, but there’s still many unknowns.

Grassroots Home, Health, and Wealth owner, Vicki Warne said that the process has been through many rough drafts.

“This whole process has been very eye opening. We’ve gone through no less than six reams of paper. You know, putting plans together, redoing and coming up with a final business plan and operating procedures and it was kind of a waiting game for quite a few months that we just were just kind of waiting to hear,” Warne said.

Warne said a big part of it was just trying to find the right building.

“We initially had picked out a building last November, last fall and had things ready to go. We were ready. We were ready and of course you know I’m out of the gate before anybody here

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