Fundraising to Save Farmland – Flathead Beacon

As the founder and CEO of a fundraising software company, Scot Chisholm was exposed to a variety of nonprofit organizations before he left his position a year ago. After a decade in the business, he moved on to start his own nonprofit to pair with a dispensary and retail shop in Whitefish.

Chisholm and his business partner Craig McViney officially opened Haskill Creek Farms on Voerman Road just outside of Whitefish, which operates as a dispensary and retail shop on 35 acres. The mural on the east side of the building that displays “Save Farmland” in giant letters illustrates the separate aspect of Haskill Creek – a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving agriculture.

“We knew we wanted Haskill Creek to support something and donate a portion of the proceeds to,” Chisholm said. “People in the valley said they were worried about the rapid development and the loss of agriculture and farm life.”

Chisholm launched Save Farmland, which was recently established as a 501c3, and will be model after the Nature Conservancy, where farmland is purchased while providing agricultural education on the property.

A jar filled with marijuana flower at Haskill Creek Farms’ Cannabis Counter dispensary in Whitefish on May 17,

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