Genuine Marketing Group Inc. announces ZPTAG™ beta test … – PR Newswire

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Genuine Marketing Group Inc. (OTC: GMGZ) has entered an agreement with Ignite Dispensary Distribution LLC to serve as the company’s cannabis industry ZPTAG™ beta test partner. The test is scheduled for Fall/Winter of 2023 and will be featured at Ignite Dispensary retail locations in the state of Wisconsin. Select Ignite brand Hemp-derived products will be tagged, scanned, and tracked from packaging to distribution to retailer and ultimately to the consumer. As a closed beta, GMG’s proprietary authentication system, ZPTAG™ will verify the journey and origin of the Ignite products as well as provide beta consumer participants with valuable dosage information and confirmation that what they are buying is safe and federally compliant. With the intent to build trust and transparency in the industry, the test will also inform GMG about pain points and needed system adjustments to better serve all supply chain stakeholders as well as improve the brand and consumer experience. Ignite Dispensary will be the first to provide its customers “Peace of mind in the palm of their hand” through the ZPTAG™ product authentication App. Paving the way for ZPTAG™ adoption in cannabis regulated states nation-wide. Including Minnesota, where GMG is headquartered.


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