Georgia Parents Regain Custody of Son After Treating His Epilepsy with Cannabis

A fifteen-year-old taken into custody by Georgia’s Division of Family and Children’s Services after his parents gave him marijuana to stop his severe seizures has been reunited with his family after more than a month of separation.

On Monday, the Twiggs County Juvenile Court issued a protective order outlining the conditions under which Matthew and Suzeanna Brill could regain custody of their son, David Ray. The Brills still face criminal charges for providing their son with cannabis. But following the conditions of the protective order could lead to the case’s dismissal.

Georgia Parents Say Only Smokeable Cannabis Stopped Their Son’s Seizures

One month ago, High Times reported on the Georgia couple who lost custody of their young son after providing him with smokeable cannabis to treat his epilepsy.

Medical marijuana is legal in Georgia, and epilepsy is a qualifying condition, even for minors. Recently, the state has made moves to expand its medical marijuana program while reducing penalties for adult use.

Still, smokable cannabis remains illegal in Georgia and is not one of the authorized forms of medical marijuana that patients can legally obtain.

The Brill family knows the laws, and they aren’t denying giving smokeable cannabis to their son.

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