Getting Baked With Pot Brownies

We are all familiar with the cliché of pot brownies. Even to this day, everything I bake and then offer to friends and family is questioned with, “Are these special?” I understand their wariness but I am also a bit offended that they think I would offer them a psychoactive baked treat without telling them! So, in spite of all this, I am offering the LIWTS audience a pot brownie recipe that can also be made without its special properties.

Importance of Lecithin

In this recipe, I use sunflower lecithin for its amazing abilities to carry the cannabis past the blood brain barrier quicker – meaning that the cannabis is absorbed more than without it – meaning the effect is a stronger high or that you can use less cannabis. One of the reasons pot brownies have such an infamous history is probably due to the lecithin that is used in most chocolates as an emulsifier. Unknowingly, pot advocators were baking brownies for their intensely spiritual affects when lecithin was probably the reason most kept up the tradition. It is also helpful to use lecithin in your butters or oils for the same effect. It isn’t a proven fact,

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