Goodflower dispensary sprouts in Carbondale – The Sopris Sun –

Cousins Brandon Turner and Ty Ritchey opened Goodflower on April 12 to serve the Roaring Fork Valley with a robust approach to selling recreational and medical marijuana products and accessories. This includes discounts every day of the week, high-quality glass smoking pieces, essential oil candles, as well as a large selection of pure CBD products such as joints, lotions, bath salts and even ready-to-brew coffee in collaboration with Lost Range CBD.

Along with affordable prices on concentrates, flower and edible products, Goodflower has an ecofriendly focus. All containers in which products are sold, for example, are biodegradable. Plastic packaging is avoided when possible.

Both Turner and Ritchey are originally from Texas and attended college together. In fact, the shop is set up to resemble Turner’s college apartment. He joked that the only thing missing is the coffee table where he and Ritchey spent countless hours dreaming up their perfect smoke shop.

“Back in the day, in college, when we would be smoking and talking theories, we were also talking about cannabis and what it does for you. What it does to your body and stuff like that, and then we came up with the idea to open a dispensary,” Turner

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