Gotham Dispensary Celebrates Stephanie Boyd-Berks Exhibition – The Knockturnal

Gotham, the newest (and chicest) Lower East Side dispensary holds more than the latest and greatest offerings in THC, CBD, and home décor products currently available on the medicinal market.

The store’s second level is also home to its gallery collection. The latest exhibit by artist Stefanie Boyd-Berks is a collection of hand-stitched embroidered 3D pictures titled “Wild Order.” The collection is an abstract representation of the journey on the way to and within parenthood.  “Wild Order” premiered at Gotham this past week and a reception was held at the store in Stefanie’s honor.

Stefanie Boyd-Berks, a Rhode Island School of Design-trained artist, originally got her start in painting but moved onto fibers when she realized painting was too messy and stitching was better for her anxiety. The process for Boyd-Berk’s work is arduous but ultimately rewarding. “I sketch directly on the fabric. So, usually I start in a yellow or some kind of light-colored pen. And then underneath the embroidery there is a hot mess of sketches,” Stefanie says. “I’ll move on to, like, a green and then a blue and then a black as I get more confident with what I want to do. I’ll sketch it in

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