Grass & Glass!’s North Seattle Dispensary Now Offers RMR Legacy … – Respect My Region

Having our own cannabis products for sale in Washington is absolutely crazy to us, a dream come true if you would. To be able to work alongside friends that I came up with in the industry is beyond incredible. When we first started talking about launching RMR Legacy Smalls in Seattle, there was only a couple of dispensaries we knew we absolutely had to be in, and the Grass & Glass! north Seattle dispensary was one of them.

See, RMR and Grass & Glass! go back a few years. We’re talking 2016 and 2017. One of their managers was my old manager at the first dispensary I ever worked at. This particular friend, Eric Sanchez, taught me so much about cannabis, alternative wellness, and music too. I always tell people that not only is he my twin older brother, but he’s the guy that really introduced me to a bunch of New York rap. He introduced me to RSO and was one of the homies who used to smoke and ride around downtown to get fried chicken from SODO Chicken with me. We formed a legendary bond over those sesh’s and fried chicken.

Fast forward to today and

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