Green Wednesday: Deals and discounts for the second-biggest weed holiday in Pennsylvania and New Jersey – The Philadelphia Inquirer

For cannabis consumers, taking a “Thanksgiving walk” before dinner is a long-held tradition. That’s why the Wednesday before Thanksgiving has turned into an informal, national sales holiday so people can stock up before the big feast.

Dubbed “Green Wednesday,” shoppers in recreational and medical marijuana states will see big sales and discounts on their cannabis products on Nov. 23 this year. Medical and recreational dispensaries in both Pennsylvania (medical) and New Jersey (recreational and medical) will be reducing prices.

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While Green Wednesday doesn’t yet top 4/20 holiday sales, WeedMaps — an online marijuana retailer and app that provides dispensary info and product reviews — estimates more than 3 million users in eastern legal states (from Illinois to Florida, and up to Maine) used the site to search for cannabis deals, with a dramatic increase in seasonal promo codes and 40% more orders placed than during the non-holiday season.

Across the country, people spent $100 million on marijuana last holiday season. That’s a lotta green.

We reached out to dispensaries in the Philly-region to see what

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