Greenlight Dispensary in Missouri, Illinois, South Dakota – Albany Democrat-Herald

How’s it growing folks?! Welcome again to Here Weed Go!

For my regular listeners, you’ll know I did a few election-centered episodes of Here Weed Go! near the end of last year that focused on some of the most important races and ballot propositions and initiatives for cannabis advocates across the country.

One of those state initiatives was in Missouri, and it ended up passing resoundingly. I’ve been looking to take a toke out of that market ever since.

It only makes sense then that I would reach out to one of the biggest operators in the Show-Me State to, well, show me what exactly is happening in the country’s latest developing cannabis market.

I reached out to Greenlight Dispensary, one of the most prominent dispensary chains in the Midwest, who has a large presence in Missouri.

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Greenlight is a chain of dispensaries found in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, West Virginia and South Dakota. The chain is an example of what is known in the industry as a multi-state operator.

Luckily, John Mueller, co-founder and CEO of Greenlight Dispensary, was available.

In our discussion, Mueller talks a little about growing Greenlight Dispensary into the

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