CANNABIS CULTURE – Medical Marijuana Made Easy

This booklet is a step by step roadmap to hydroponic grow techniques that’ll take you from seed to plant in 28 days.

So, If you’re tired of having to scrounge change for overpriced 1/8ths and have the passion to perfect your own craft grows – the answers you seek are in these pages.

Medical Marijuana Made Easy covers the lighting, the nutrients and other supplies you need plus so much more. Vital information like how to adapt to grow in challenging environments while staying undetected by neighbours and narcs. And of course, an in-depth schedule to ensure maximum yield.

While future editions of this manual would benefit from higher photo quality and an index to help further organize the information inside, the content in this edition is a solid foundation to build on. The text is also supplemented by a website and instagram profile with video tutorials for growers to reference for more information. Total beginners and serious growers interested in hydroponics will benefit from these resources.

As someone who doesn’t grow hydro I still appreciated  this as a picture book more than a reference, BUT I came out of it learning how to grow

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