‘Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana’ Bill Advances in N.H. Legislature

Stymied by the governor last year, New Hampshire lawmakers are trying once again to pass a bill permitting patients or caregivers to grow their own marijuana for medical purposes.

The legislation passed in the New Hampshire state senate this week, and will now head to the state House for a vote. 

Democrats control both chambers in the General Court of New Hampshire, the state’s bicameral legislative body, but the governor, Chris Sununu, is a Republican.

Both the senate and the House passed a similar “grow your own” bill last year, but Sununu vetoed the measure, arguing that the bill would make life more difficult for law enforcement.

“New Hampshire has reasonable regulations set up to ensure that our therapeutic cannabis program responsibly treats those in need while limiting the diversion of marijuana to the black market and ensuring that products meet public health standards,” Sununu said following his veto last August. “This bill would bypass those public health and safety guardrails and make the job of law enforcement significantly more difficult.”

The new bill passed this week would permit patients or licensed caregivers to grow up to “three mature cannabis plants” at one time. 

Tom Sherman, a Democratic state House

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