Helicopter Filming Spanish Cycling Race Discovers Marijuana Growing On Rooftop

The birds-eye shots of the Vuelta a España can be mesmerizing, even awe-inspiring, as dozens of riders weave their way through the Pyrenees and Spanish villas as part of the grueling, multi-stage cycling race. Those same shots, it turns out, can be incriminating. 

Police in Spain say they seized 40 marijuana plants that were recorded by a helicopter that was tracking cyclists in the Vuelta on Saturday. The helicopter was hovering over participants as they completed the eighth stage of the race, which ran from Valls and culminated in the Catalonian town of Igualada, when the camera panned on the rooftop of an apartment, where cannabis could be seen growing in two separate plots.

The images quickly went viral online, ultimately prompting authorities to take action. A spokesperson for the Mossos, the police in Catalonia, confirmed to ESPN that the footage from the helicopter led to the confiscation of the plants.

“We received information thanks to the images that individuals posted on social media that had been taken from the helicopter of La Vuelta,” the spokesperson said. “That has helped us to seize 40 marijuana plants. No one has been arrested, but the investigation is still ongoing to find those

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