Hemporium (“The Future of Construction is Bio-Based”)

CANNABIS CULTURE –   The ‘Hemp Hotel’ building in Cape Town, South Africa has now been named the world’s tallest building constructed of hemp. 

In this interview, we go behind the scenes. Heinrich Wolff (HW), the architect behind the project, walks Cannabis Culture (CC) readers through visual and intimate details of the structure. Meanwhile, he vows that the future of the built-environment industry is bio-based with hemp a key part of it. 

CC:  In layman terms, what is a building made from hempcrete blocks and hemp building materials?

HW: The current building that we are working on has a concrete structure (floor slabs, columns, beams & lift cores) with hemp blocks used as the infill between the structure. The hemp blocks offer the following benefits: they are lighter in weight, have superior thermal & acoustic performance, and have superior fire resistance in comparison to normal block work. In addition to this, they have the benefit of being CO2 

CC: Does it mean traditional materials (iron, cement, etc.) are never used?

HW: Concrete and steel are incredibly useful materials and have their ideal place in a building. We have mitigated the use of concrete in our building by including TABS (thermally activated building system). These

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