Henry Rollins Talks Cannabis Culture: A Sneak Peak at Vancouver’s ICBC Keynote Speaker

CANNABIS CULTURE – Noted as a classic member of seminal punk band, Black Flag, and the driving force behind The Rollins Band, Actor, Singer, Philosopher and Poet, Henry Rollins is a beacon of breathing subculture and advocate for liberty of the individual. In addition to regular tours as a spoken word artist, Rollins is the co-host of popular podcast Henry & Heidi and keynote speaker for this year’s ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference) taking place in Vancouver BC. When he’s not on tour, Rollins often travels to far reaching feral corners of the globe with nothing but a camera and a couple grey t-shirts in a duffel bag, he collects vinyl and home stereo equipment as well.

CC: Tell me Henry, how did you get involved with the International Business Cannabis Conference?

HR: Last year ICBC’s Executive Producer Alex Rogers contacted me, explained his outfit, and asked if I would like to keynote one of these conventions: I said “Yeah!”

I like Alex; he’s a really interesting guy. I can safely say I’ve never met anyone like him. He’s fascinating, he’s a sharp guy, and I think he’s in this for all the right reasons. He did time in a European

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