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Longmont retail marijuana applications

Applications Longmont received from 13 businesses seeking to be among the four that eventually could be selected to operate retail marijuana shops inside the city limits can be viewed at

Information about Longmont’s rules and regulations for the up-to-four establishments that the city will allow to engage in retail sales of marijuana, along with the timeline for selecting those establishments and other details about Longmont’s marijuana regulations, can be viewed at

Longmont residents can now read the applications submitted by the 13 businesses competing to operate the up-to-four retail marijuana stores the city is expected to permit to operate inside Longmont’s boundaries.

On Thursday, the city posted online redacted versions of the applications, with some information blacked out to protect confidential material about the companies submitted as part of their proposals.

By posting the application, Longmont for the first time unveiled the addresses where the applicants are proposing to sell marijuana products.

Beginning Monday, and continuing through Jan. 1, Longmont will accept online comments about the 13 proposals, part of a process that is expected to conclude with the city’s selection of its four choices next spring or summer.


Businesses vying to be among those four selections — the first pot shops to be allowed within city limits — have proposed two northwest Longmont locations, as well as one in north-central Longmont, one in northside Longmont, one in southwest Longmont, two on south Main Street and six in southwest Longmont.

Under an ordinance the City Council adopted in a 4-3 vote in October, retail marijuana establishments will only be allowed in Commercial, Regional Commercial, Mixed Industrial and Business Light Industrial zoning districts. None will be permitted in residential zoning districts or in downtown Longmont’s Central Business District.

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