Hidden Tunnel Reveals $51 Million Grow Under Victorian Theater In England

The history in a 120-year-old building is priceless. Or in the case of an old, Victorian-style theater in London, about £40 million ($51 million).

That’s because police there recently made a stunning discovery: in the bowels of the 750-seat Broadway Theatre, authorities uncovered a massive (and lucrative) cannabis farm.

Both Metro and the Mail Online reported that London police believe that the weed factory had been in operation for about a decade, and that those running it likely cleared £4 million ($5.1 million) a year.

The discovery of the farm might be as incredible as the existence of the farm itself. Responding to a break-in at a house located near the theater, police noticed that the floor of one of the bathrooms was hollow. From there, they discovered a tunnel leading from the bathroom to a car park—and in the direction of the old theater’s abandoned basement.

Originally built in 1897, the Broadway Theatre was converted into a shopping center about 50 years ago. The basement housing the marijuana farm could not be accessed from the shops above, making it a choice hideout for the criminal operation.

Neighbors Became Concerned

In a statement reported by Metro, a spokesperson for London

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