High-Jacked in the Rainbow Nation

CANNABIS CULTURE – CBD emerges as prized loot of South African Robbers

Processed cannabis is the prime commodity for a sophisticated network of  South African cargo thieves. Theft of raw cannabis and processed CBD oil has become common.


There’s a booming marketplace for the untraceable product – and victims are often less than happy to talk to police. 

Generally, South Africa is a notorious world leader in physical hijackings of commercial goods. In 2021, South Africa ranked a nineteenth out 193 countries on the Global Organized Crime Index. Its violent crime rate is among the world’s highest. Cannabis products have now joined the highly-sought list of goods grabbed by armed thieves.

Thieves at harbor

Cannabis is one of the products highly sought after by hijackers and thieves work around ports in South Africa to study shipping activities, revealed Hollard Marine Insurance South Africa, the country largest insurer of sea borne trade.

‘[With] cannabis there are different kinds of products, broadly raw cannabis, and processed cannabis such as CBD oil. When it is in its raw format, when it still looks like the plant, that is when it is at the highest risk of hijacking,’ Hollard’s business executive, Marika

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