Highway 29 Cannabis Dispensary Opening Marlton NJ Gets Delayed – 94.5 PST

Legal cannabis consumers in South Jersey might be bummed out by this one. But only temporarily.

Earlier this year we learned that 3 legal weed dispensaries are set to open in Marlton NJ. They’ve all been approved by Evesham Township, provided they pass all necessary inspections and other requirements by the town/state.

assorted medical marijuana in containers and plastic bag

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However, one of those dispensaries will not be opening as soon as they’d wished. Highway 29located at 90 Old Marlton Pike W in Marlton, had their sights set for opening on April 20, the unofficial “weed day”, but now they’re hoping for a summer opening. According to Facebook community page ‘A View From Evesham‘, they’re now aiming to open in late June, since they’re not finished constructing yet.

Once they open, they promise to be a reliable, locally-minded place for consumers to get what they need, according to their website:

“Whether our consumers are looking for a tincture for their sleep difficulty, a pre-yoga dab, a way to relax after a long day at work, or a blunt for a full on throw down at the club we can guide your path… We are nationally minded but locally owned. While others in a new market will be trying to

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