Hoboken Cannabis Review Board approves Terrapin Care Station for adult-use dispensary – Hudson County View

The Hoboken Cannabis Review Board (CRB) approved Terrapin Care Station, who already has a  the medical cannabis license from the state, for adult-use cannabis sales at last night’s meeting.

A rendering of the Terrapin cannabis dispensary.

By Daniel Ulloa/Hudson County View

A new CRB member Gary Weinstein, also a part of the Last Prisoner Project, joined the governing body for the first time last night, joining the board earlier than expected with Business Administrator Jason Freeman absent due to the birth of his son.

Rob Davis, a former chair of the Hoboken Housing Authority, is expected to be appointed by the city council at tomorrow’s meeting.

“The Hoboken medical cannabis review board heard my client minority-owned in March and April,” attorney James Burke noted, also seeking adult-use approval in May.

At that time, the applicant was told they were required to sell medical cannabis for a year before they could receive a full dispensary license.

CRB attorney Ron Mondello explained that it was a policy developed by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJCRC).

“Politicians asked them for an explanation, and eventually, that policy was withdrawn,” Burke explained.

The NJCRC removed the 12-month wait provision in May and replaced it

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