Hoboken City Council aims to tighten cannabis zoning laws after uproar over proposed dispensary – NJ.com

Hoboken’s City Council plans to introduce amendments to its cannabis zoning laws this week, which would require dispensaries to be at least 600 feet from schools, limit the total number of dispensaries to six and create other new restrictions.

The changes follow an uproar over an initial, conditional approval of the city’s first recreational marijuana dispensary, which prompted some city officials to reconsider how marijuana-friendly they want the city to be.

The package of amendments on the agenda for Wednesday’s City Council meeting would significantly limit where potential dispensaries can do business in Hoboken. There are two separate versions of the amendments that will be reviewed, however, and one is more limiting than the other.

The less restrictive version has broad support council wide, which nearly guarantees it will pass on first reading, said Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher. It represents a compromise that councilmembers made with Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s administration, which, like her, was interested in tightening the city’s regulations.

She, Fisher wanted to go further, so she and two colleagues are sponsoring a second version of the amendment. Should that version pass, it would essentially override parts of the first version, she said, but right now she is only sure of four yes votes:

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