Hoboken must exercise more caution on recreational marijuana dispensaries | Opinion – NJ.com

By Diane Imus

I’m writing to voice deep concern about Hoboken’s recreational marijuana dispensary plan. I write through a lens that not many can comprehend — and that’s of a parent who lost their child to a drug overdose.

My son died in Hoboken in 2018. His sustained marijuana use as a teen affected him while his brain was maturing. As he used more, he needed more, and eventually, he turned to other drugs.

Cannabis is a drug, and any community plan that allows recreational drug sales while simultaneously eliminating public use penalties must be carefully executed. I’m not opposed to dispensaries — I’m opposed to installing six of them in dense, residential areas next to parks, the waterfront, schools and Pier 13.

Hoboken is setting itself up for something it may not be able to control. As a family-oriented town, we’ve been asked to open our doors to many visitors who will affect our quality of life, and there’s no exit strategy if it turns out that having six dispensaries is a disaster.

Hoboken should have one or two dispensaries located on the periphery, perhaps in the new business park where there’ll be parking. We don’t need six in the center of town.

For those

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