Honeybee’s Chocolate Bar Is an Edible Fit for Any Chocolate Snob – Riverfront Times

The Honeybee Pretzel + Peanut chocolate bar is an upscale edible.   COURTESY PROPER BRANDS” class=”uk-display-block uk-position-relative uk-visible-toggle”> click to enlarge


The Honeybee Pretzel + Peanut chocolate bar is an upscale edible.

One issue with edibles — other than forgetting you took one before it even kicks in — is that they’re often in the form of a bingeable treat. Nobody ever eats just one gummy bear or half a cake pop. Yet that’s the level of restraint sometimes needed to make sure you don’t get so high you call the emergency department.

Most edibles are in food form (though there are some pills), and most are a type of candy. In the candy world, there are basically two options, chocolate and chewy fruity. As a youngster, I was always firmly in team chewy fruity (Mike & Ike, Starburst, Skittles, Haribo). I’d occasionally foray into chocolate for those vaguely shaped pumpkins or Christmas trees Reese’s put out every holiday.

This changed after I spent time overseas in a chocolate producing region of the world (Switzerland). I became a chocolate snob — one

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