Honeybee’s Infused PB&J Bar Hits — But Lacks One Key Ingredient – Riverfront Times

Reese’s could never.   Mary Jane Baker” class=”uk-display-block uk-position-relative uk-visible-toggle”> click to enlarge

Mary Jane Baker

Reese’s could never.

I was that kid. The kid who would eat PB&J sandwiches for lunch every day in elementary school. My parents would do what they could to spice up my diet, but the only variance I’d allow was the occasional banana stuffed into my sandwich of choice. My grandma would even try to scare me by saying peanuts would start growing out of my ears if I didn’t stop eating so much peanut butter.

I eventually grew out of this phase. My love for a good PB&J sandwich never totally faded, however. So I was excited when Proper Brands announced its chef-created line of edibles, Honeybee Edibles, was debuting an infused peanut butter and jelly chocolate bar.

Honeybee Edibles comes from the mind of Director of Culinary Dave Owens. The chef spent more than a decade as the chief chocolatier and vice president of taste at Bissinger’s before joining Proper’s team. The man knows his stuff. And if the peanut butter and jelly chocolate bar was anywhere

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