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The HoneyGrove medical cannabis dispensary planned for Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township did NOT get necessary variance approvals last night by the town’s Zoning Board.

We first brought this plan to readers back in July, but the meeting was postponed until last night.

The meeting was a packed house of over 200 people, most of whom I believe where attending for another project on the docket last night, the warehouses at Freeway Golf. I will cover that in a separate article later today or tomorrow morning. The warehouse project session is continued until next month.

Over 200 people attended last nights Zoning Meeting in Gloucester Township. Many were there for HoneyGrow but it seems what brought folks out was a proposed warehouse project. That will be covered in a separate article HoneyGrove Dispensary – Zoning Variances

HoneyGrove South is a licensed New Jersey medical cannabis dispensary looking to open a location in Gloucester Township.

They identified the former Friendly’s restaurant building on Blackwood-Clementon Road as the location for their Gloucester Township dispensary.

To jump ahead to what everyone wants to know, the Gloucester Township Zoning Board denied the application. HoneyGrove was one

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