Horn Lake planner briefs aldermen about marijuana cultivation odor concerns – DeSoto Times-Tribune

With Horn Lake still deciding whether to opt-in or opt-out of Mississippi’s new medical marijuana law, City Planning Director Chad Bahr cautioned the city to consider possible “negative externalities” should they decide to allow cultivation of marijuana in the city.

Bahr and his wife decided against buying a home on the south side of Chino Valley, Arizona, where he previously worked as a planner for the county, because the smell coming from an indoor marijuana cultivation facility was “like a giant skunk.”

“We decided against that because on certain days when the wind blew just right, it was very distinctive and it isn’t very pleasant,” Bahr said.

Cities in Mississippi have until May 2 to opt in to or out of the law. 

Bahr shared some observations about the new law with the Board of Aldermen and pointed out other issues for them to think about from a planning perspective that could affect Horn Lake if they opt-in to the law.

“This is just something I was aware of in another part of the county that I had worked where medical marijuana had been legalized,” Bahr said.

Bahr said there are three planning aspects to the new medical marijuana act:

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