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When starting out as a cannabis grower, “flushing” is a term you might be unfamiliar with. Although visions of frantically trying to shove a cannabis plant down a toilet may come to mind, flushing is actually when you stop feeding the plants nutrients and simply give them water. The process is generally as easy at it sounds; however, knowing precisely when to flush and how often is a more refined skill.

When to Flush Cannabis Plants

There are three primary instances when flushing your cannabis is appropriate:


The Stages of Cannabis Plant Growth

Changes in Nutrients

Cannabis plants have different nutrient needs throughout different stages of growth; what it needs in its vegetative stage is different than what it needs while flowering. Clearing old nutrients during the transition into the new stage of growth will help kickstart the plant’s journey into flowering.

Think of it as someone changing their diet. You can fill your fridge with new types of food, but you might find yourself running out of room if you never removed the old food. By removing the old food, you are clearing a path and starting anew.


What Are the Best Nutrients for Growing Cannabis?

Nutrient Lockout

Overfeeding cannabis, improper pH levels, and other stresses on your plants can result in a nutrient lockout. Whether it’s salt buildup from nutrients or pH levels that prevent absorption, a nutrient lockout results in a buildup of nutrients in the soil while the plant cannot access them.

Flushing your plants will remove excess buildup of salts and nutrients while helping to restore the soil’s pH balance. This will allow your garden to resume absorbing nutrients and grow at a healthy, successful rate.


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